BEST GroupMud Logging

Headquartered in Tunisia BEST Group is an ISO 9001:2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified Oilfield Services Provider that Delivers Quality Services and Equipment for Oil and Gas Companies around the World. In their R&D Facilities, Well Site Operations and Warehouses, they are Striving to Deliver the Services and Equipment that Optimize Quality and HSE to Customers Performance.

BEST product Lines are:

  • Mud Logging Services (MLS)
  • Mud Logging Equipment and Software Sales (MES)
  • Drilling and Production Equipment Sales (DES)
  • Cold Cutting Services (CCS)

Petro Management Group – Reservoir Surveys

With Headquarters in Calgary, Canada Petro Management Group utilizes the latest technology and is associated with a pool of competent multi-disciplined professionals to provide the highest level of quality engineering consulting/technical training services and equipment procurement. PMG tailors its services to meet the challenging demand of today’s environment, whether it is the majors or the small/medium independents in the oil & natural gas industry!

  • PMG is an oil and gas consulting firm since 1994.
  • PMG is one of the best oil and gas consulting company in Calgary, Alberta, they pride themselves in offering the best quality work, fast turn around and competitive fees.
  • As an upstream oil and gas consulting company, they work with E&P companies to maximize production and improve bottom line results.
  • Through their reservoir management studies, they help oil and gas companies to apply optimum development plans and improve the Net Present (PV) of the companies.

Reservoir Studies – (Conventional and Numerical Modelling)

PMG has performed numerous fully integrated reservoir engineering studies covering a wide range of oil and reservoirs, both locally and internationally. They have handled studies from a single-well pool waterflood, to large fields with hundreds of wells. Their experienced staff are highly trained to use most of the commercial software including; Eclipse, IMEX, Petrel, and Fekete software.

The reservoir studies performed by PMG include, but not limited to the following:

  • Evaluation of primary production performance and the potential for infill drilling
  • Conceptual design of E.O.R schemes
  • Applications of Multi-Stage Fracturing of Horizontal Wells (MFHW)
  • Gas deliverability studies including surface networks
  • Unconventional oil and gas optimization studies
  • Gas storage
  • Sour gas disposal

Gas Production Forecasting, including Surface Network

PMG has performed studies to generate realistic production forecasts for a variety of well/field configurations; single/multiple layers, single/multiple pools, using the Piper (Fekete) model. The Piper Software includes the reservoir (tank model) and the surface network. It is expected that this year KAPPA will introduce a new feature of the Rubis Software that can model the reservoir numerically and attach a surface network to it. This will allow the analysis of complex reservoirs and produce reliable surface production forecasts from the wellhead to the inlet of the processing plant.

  • Prepare production forecasts for different development scenarios
  • Debug bottlenecks of the surface network
  • Evaluate benefits of compression